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Airport Security:  Tips for Travelers by Shane Lester

Airport Security: Tips for Travelers

by Shane Lester

108 pages
Tips to help you at an airport security checkpoint.

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Category: Travel
About the Book
Written for airline passengers and all concerned with airline security, this book will explain the new security procedures in place at all US Airports. These new rules and procedures, which have been enacted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), have caused some confusion, concern and delays for the traveling public. This book will explain the process and philosophy of a security checkpoint. It will also outline the rights each passenger has during the checkpoint screening process. By offering tips and recommendations to airline travelers this book will aid the reader to move through a security checkpoint quickly and efficiently while aiding the TSA in their mission to provide safe air travel.

You will learn:
How to pack your luggage for screener inspection
How and when to ask for a private screening
How to avoid bringing prohibited items
How to protect your film
How to communicate with security screeners
How to prepare children for the a security checkpoint
How people with disabilities process through a security checkpoint
How to log a complaint
What your rights are during the screening process

Written by an insider this book will inform but not reveal any sensitive information that could be used by people with ill intentions. This book will not teach you how the beat the system or the technology. Your knowledge of the procedures and observance of the tips offered in the book will help you move through the security checkpoint quickly and efficiently. In the end I hope to inspire all who experience air travel to aid and support the TSA in making flights safe and secure.



About the Author
Shane Lester

Shane Lester is a certified Transportation Security Administration screener. Shane served in the US Air Force for six years. He earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Professional Writing and a Masters of Science degree in Instructional Technology from Utah State University. This is Shane Lester's third published book. His other books are: Clan of Cain and Faith and Fortune. Shane, his wife and children reside in Wyoming.



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