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North Star by Kim Glassman

North Star

by Kim Glassman

545 pages
Sci-fi romantic novel about people traveling to the North Star.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
About the Book

"Colonel Wayne Kittle" the most popular ESF explorer in the universe suddenly finds himself in an unusual and unlikely situation. His girlfriend dies in a freak transporter accident, and then a short time later, one of his best friends is murdered in his electronically guarded home. Strong circumstantial evidence convicts him and Wayne finds himself with a life sentence without parole.

His wily friends are outraged, and with help of General Mann, they began a covert investigation of everyone who possibly could be the real murderer.

Captain Black, the infamous multi-trillionaire and owner of the super advanced top secret Lightyear, arrives, and announces that if Wayne and his friends wish to go to the North Star with him, they must solve the murder in one year. In addition, they must choose a lifetime mate because there would be no divorce on the super secret Lightyear.

Now with the pressure on, his wily friends must find the murderer and a mate in less than a year. No problems for these wily people, who are already falling in love with that someone special.

Wayne discovers that there is more to the prison computer than he first thought. He gains the prison computer's trust, then its help. In an unusual twist of events, the prison computer falls in love with him and she wants to go to the North Star with Captain Black, which further complicates Wayne's life.

Along the way, two orphaned teenagers discover Wayne's secret and soon join in the search for the murderer adding comedy and the spice of life. They are adopted by Johnny and Sandra and soon find out about their soon to be life aboard the Lightyear.

North Star is a science-fiction romantic novel about a group of extraordinary people in the not so distant future. It is what I believe the future of earth and humankind will actually be, i.e., no clone wars, no world wars, etc.

North Star has as a little something for everyone from the teenager to an English major. Example, some of the names have meanings that fit the personality or events that happen to the character.



About the Author
Kim Glassman is an avid storyteller who has a different viewpoint on the future of earth and space travel, and loves to tell witty stories. A sci-fi enthusiast who was told by a college English teacher to consider writing. A space explorer at heart, who has followed the space program from the beginning.



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