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Skyrocket Your Speaking & Writing Career by Susan Harrow

Skyrocket Your Speaking & Writing Career

by Susan Harrow

77 pages
Join millionaires, moguls and best-sellers who speak and grow rich.

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Category: Business:Small Business And Entrepreneurs
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About the Book


Many popular and famous speakers got a quick-start on their careers by teaching at adult learning centers throughout the U.S.. People like Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Barbara Sher (Wishcraft), Wayne Dyer (Your Erroneous Zones), and Cheryl Richardson (Take Time for Your Life) built their businesses this way.

Now they are all best-selling authors who have PBS specials that sell their books and products in mega quantities. Now they fill halls with thousands of people who buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of their products and contract for their programs and services.

If you want to follow in their successful footsteps to build your own business you'll want this e-book. It's a comprehensive guide to getting into this VERY competitive market. You'll be in the company of best-selling authors, millionaire business people and Hollywood moguls.

Start to build your empire with integrity and spirit today.

P.S. One of my clients had been rejected from 3 of the top adult learning centers and had given up hope. That's when she called me. She got this e-book, followed the guidelines
and was accepted into all three of them the very next day! Make sure your proposal doesn't end up in the reject pile.

Buy this ebook if you want to jumpstart your business fast with passion and power, get speaking engagements at corporations, organizations, or associations, gain more national recognition and higher speaking engagement fees, sell more books, or build your business within your community. You won't find this information anywhere else”on or off the net!

You will learn how to:
*Standardize your submission template for all 38 workshops”saving you countless hours of time and effort.

*Position yourself as an expert to make workshop program directors want your knowledge right now.

*Get your workshop chosen first over hundreds of others.

*Write a magnetizing course description to attract dozens of participants to your workshop.

*Publicize your class with the learning centers' resources”at no cost to you.

*Sell more books or products during the workshop using "insider" sales techniques (that are invisible to your students).

You'll also discover:
*The little known "Be, do, have" approach.
*The step-by-step process to teach a class with the knowledge you have.

*The names, addresses and websites of all 38 adult learning centers.

*A course proposal form that you can duplicate for all your submissions.

*What to expect in a contract.

And Much More!

BONUS! Dozens of Hot Tips are included in this booklet about how to get noticed more quickly. (This alone gives you a competitive edge on the thousands of other people trying to get their classes accepted.)

If you've been wanting to teach at your local adult learning center or tour nationally, don't delay. This ebook makes the process fast and easy. Click to order your copy today.



About the Author
Susan Harrow, a marketing strategist, media coach, is president of Harrow Communications. Her clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, millionaires, best-selling authors, and successful entrepreneurs who have appeared on/in Oprah, 60 Minutes, TIME, USA Today, People, O, WSJ, The New York Times. She authored Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (Harper Collins).



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