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Fractalia: Episode 1: Reversing the Tipping Point by A. J. McCaffrey

Fractalia: Episode 1: Reversing the Tipping Point

by A. J. McCaffrey

188 pages
Fractalia is a world containing monsters, battles, puzzles, and fractals.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
About the Book

The troubled underachievers in Miss Dorrmer's detention room are about to become heroes in Fractalia. The youth stumble through a fractal portal into a chaotic world of strange shapes (fractals), bizarre puzzles (outties), and a fierce battle against Kayoz. It turns out that these smart-mouthed, quick-witted youngsters are the only ones who can battle successfully against Kayoz. With his army of mutant kreatures, Kayoz scatters difficult puzzles throughout Fractalia that send the locals into brainlock and devastate the land. Battle after battle, the youth strive to reverse the spreading ruin and save Fractalia.

Like bellybuttons, there are two types of puzzles: innies and outties. Most puzzles created today are innies that converge inward to one right answer. Outties open outward to an unlimited number of answers. Outties are the next great frontier in puzzles and Fractalia is filled with outties that stretch the youth to their creative limit.



About the Author
A. J. McCaffrey enjoys playing with puzzles and fractals. With degrees in philosophy and computer science, he is currently working on his doctorate in psychology at the University of Massachusetts. He lives with his wife Stephanie in Massachusetts. But, really he lives somewhere between sense and nonsense. Just ask Stephanie.



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