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Amazon Moon by James A. Haught

Amazon Moon

by James A. Haught

192 pages
Amazons were runaway slaves and concubines who became spirited rebels.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
In Ancient Greece, extreme male supremacy kept women subjugated as housebound servants lacking education or rights. Many were slaves or concubines. Yet, in a strange contrast, Greek male artisans portrayed bold, free, fighting females - the Amazons - in hundreds of paintings, writings and sculptures.

In this novel, Amazons were spirited women who fled from servitude. To reach the hidden band of female warriors, they followed a network of secret safe houses similar to the Underground Railroad of America's slavery days.

Only the strongest runaways became Amazon fighters under the War Queen. Smaller, gentler fugitives performed village domestic work under the Home Queen. Yet all shared freedom unknown to other Greek women of their day.

The Amazons lived as rebels, and kept some wounded male captives as slave-concubines of their own. Their story is told by a captured scribe who recorded their stormy lives of danger and passion, before Greek legions brought doom. The Amazons existed only briefly, but they blazed with wild spirit.



About the Author
James A. Haught James A. Haught was born in a rural West Virginia town with no electricity. By chance, he became a newspaper reporter and now is editor of the state's largest paper, The Charleston Gazette. He has won 19 national newswriting awards. He has written six nonfiction books and 60 magazine essays.



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