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American Mole: Aryan Nation by Ronald W. Hull

American Mole: Aryan Nation

by Ronald W. Hull

284 pages
Jason concludes career taking down Aryan militia of John White

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Jason Forsythe as Cliff Backus, an American mole, returns to the States disillusioned after his assignment in Central America, losing those closest to him. As a motorcycle nomad, Jason roams the Southwest trying to forget while finding adventures and saves a young woman from an evil gang only to lose her in a tragic accident. Jason needs a new assignment to complete his service and finds one in the militia cult of Reverend John White at Razorback, Arkansas. White's presidential aspirations must be stopped because he is unstable, delusional and fosters hatred while posing as a religious leader.

White's use of a punishment using crucifixion, sometimes leading to death that is covered up makes it all the more urgent to bring him to justice. Jason is brought into White's inner circle and given access that allows him to sort the good from the bad. With the help of an outside source, the political blog of Spencer Howard, John White's racism and evil plans are revealed.

In the end, the awful truth of what occurred in Washington DC creating Jason and the Freedom Lancers in the first place is revealed, going right back to Razorback and the Aryan Nation.


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About the Author
Ronald W. Hull Ronald W. Hull is the author of six novels of science fiction and adventure, two short story books, and his autobiography. An educator and engineer, Dr. Hull spent 40 years in higher education. He is quadriplegic, paralyzed 53 years. Ron resides in Houston, Texas with his longtime companion, Beh.



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